Sunday, August 5, 2012

And the food prep begins...

For Saturdays meal I decided to create some dishes I never
have done before, really.
It all begins with a brisket covered with a lot of herbs.

After a 12 hour chill down, it was place on top of a 
bed of Mesquite Wood chips to smoke for a while.

Onto the next yummy thing. BUTTER for the corn on the cob.
A few spices made this into a Honey Ancho Chili Butter

 Just in the mood for more baking.
Onto dessert. What to do with peaches? Peach Pie

Along with 2 loaves of bread. The pie is done.

Hooked on Julia. I thought it would be a good idea
to have some asparagus to go along with dinner. After watching
how to make hollandaise sauce I thought I would try it.

Awww. and a refreshing drink to go with everything.
Citrus Water.

Until Next Time...

Tuesday Night Dinner and a Movie

Tuesday night was in Fort Collins with Pat. He just got done making
a fresh loaf of bread. 
What a better way to top it than with bruschetta made
with fresh vegi's. 

To go along with this yummy dinner than a 
movie and a glass of white wine.

Oh, what movie?

Until Next Time...