Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Boeuf Bourguignon Challenge

I came across a few items at the market today and thought WWJT! ( What Would Julia Think?)

So, The Challenge Is On!    

Until next time....

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Visions of Sugar Plums

So what did I do this weeken while the snow what coming down...

A lot of baking.  
From Chinese cookies to banana bread.  Then candy cane and gingerbread cookies. Finally lemon loaf and sugar plums.  

The sugar plums were the fave.  My husband even helped.  

First the melting of the butter. 

Then the sugar, eggs, and dates.  
Yes, the dates will melt. 

The flour and water mixture gets added.  Then the cereal. 

After the mix is rolled into balls.   Yumm

Until next time...

Saturday, July 4, 2015


OMG Its the i'm official birthday of my son who turns 18 on July 9th.  We celebrated today. 

The question was where he wants to go for breakfast.   McDonalds was defiantly out.  Snooze was the place to be.  At 630am.  Yep, up with the birds.  
After a lovely breakfast we headed to the farmers market.  Coffee and flowers for me.  
Onto birthday food.    Burgers, watermelon, and herbed carrots.  
Ice cream cake also
Afterwards there was water balloons. Cody tried so hard not to get wet. 
Pat was giving a tutorial on water ballooning. 
And finally 
The fireworks

Until next time..,

Sunday, June 28, 2015

1st Annual

Friday was the
1st Annual BBQ/Hiring Event
at my work
A lot of work went into getting it ready.

First shopping the day before..

Everything should stay frozen in the freezer right?

The next morning there
was a slight mishap

Not only the fridge but the Internet!?


It was defiantly time for some quick thinking on the food part.


As the day got closer to BBQ time things did start to 
get better.  The internet came back. Not sure about the fridge
After all it is the Avocado color of the 1970's. 

Time to chill the soda..

The hot dog steamer worked out well for as
many hot dogs that needed cooked.

The grill was heating up also for the burgers.

There was also some water bombs for some fun

Everything is ready

Was it a successful event?
I'd say so..

The parking lot is full

Many people came in to sign up to work as well as 
our employees coming back from a long day of work.

I even had an office assistant helping me out

At the end of the day there was little 
left over..

But there were many fed and signed up for work.

Until next time..

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Burger Craving...

As the last person at my work drove away my husband and I was wondering what are we going to do for dinner?  Nothing was out thawing for this late night and I was craving for a burger.

So we got into the car and went to Big Al's.   

  Cheeseburger with the works hit the spot.

Along the side was Truffle Fries and Crush

And like always I had leftovers

All I can say is YUMM

Until Next Time...

Step-Fathers Day Dinner

Later in the day dinner was started.
Yes, it was Yumm.

Grill Chicken that was marinated in an
herb-wine marinade.

A very simple summer salad

Summer Orzo with Garlic Scapes

Putting all of this together...

A perfect table leads to a perfect plate

What better to go with all of this than some Peach Mint Ice Tea

Followed by a berry dessert

This was all Yumm

Later on in the evening my husband and I settle with a 
glass of  Wine and a movie.

Until the next awesome meal is served....